Welcome to Fekjær

Fekjær psychiatric centre is an independent, private psychiatric institution, amalgamated with and funded by The department of Psychiatry Sykehuset Innlandet HF.

Fekjær is located on a farm, 600 meters over sea level.

18 patients live in three different houses. We have environmental therapy as our main therapy focus. Physical activity, and use of personal resources is an important part of our treatment philosophy.

Fekjær has an out patients department, an out reach team and Fekjærtunet , a halfway house with 6 apartments.

Fekjær offers specialized psychiatric services to young adults with psychiatric illness often combined with substance abuse.

Fekjær psykiatriske senter
Fekjarvegen 110, 3528 Hedalen

Phone: +47 61 34 88 00
E-mail: post@fekjar.com